About Thanecha

The ups and downs of her journey that have led her to where she is today.

How it all started

As a young child, the only home Thanecha and her two sisters had ever known was a 1956 Milk Truck. Gradually, her family moved up the ranks and graduated to The Shade Tree, a homeless shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eventually, they had their own bedrooms when they moved to the projects of Panama City, Florida, where she and her sisters thought life couldn’t get any better!


“That Business Show” with Jamie Meloni

There truly is no story like one of extreme poverty and eventual success. As an “Advocate for Humanity and Equality”, our guest Thanecha Anderson, who came from an extremely poor family, now uses her music to foster a positive wave of energy in the community, and to inspire people to be kind and to help those in need.

“It’s Your Turn” Radio Show with Denise Dominguez

Thanecha is a singer, musician and motivational speaker. After overcoming the many obstacles she has faced during her lifetime, she is determined to inspire people to go for their dreams and believe they can achieve anything!

Why I Do What I Do

In my life, there have been a handful of instances where someone said something that really changed my whole world and gave me the hope I needed to keep going. It is my desire and my passion to be the one that delivers that to the people that I am fortunate enough to cross paths with in this life.

Read my story on pages 32-37 of Creative Living Magazine, where I was dubbed “The Face of Determination to Change the World”.

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