My goal in life is to positively impact as many people as I can. I do that by sharing the tips and techniques I have learned over the years that have helped me overcome adversity and poverty, and have helped me create a whole new realm of what is possible in my life. I share these things through my public speaking and singing. 

What I Do

What makes an event really spectacular? Is it the food? The fancy decor? The venue?

Whether it is a national conference, a wedding, or a charity dinner, what people remember most about an event is how it made them feel.

That’s where I come in.

Through my words and my music, I transform any event into a day that all in attendance will look back on and think fondly of.  A day that they distinctly remember made a positive impact on them.

How Do I Do That?

I work closely with my clients to find out exactly what they are looking to achieve through their event.

* Are you wanting everyone to let loose and have a super fun time?

* Are you needing a speaker that evokes emotion in the hearts of the attendees, such that they are touched and inspired, and are then compelled to go out and make a difference in their own lives?

* Are you just wanting some peaceful background music to set the ambiance for your event, without the performer drawing too much attention and taking away from the main focus?

I take your vision and give it life.

Why I Do What I Do

In my life, there have been a handful of instances where someone said something that really changed my whole world and gave me the hope I needed to keep going. It is my desire and my passion to be the one that delivers that to the people I am fortunate enough to cross paths with in this life.

Read my story on pages 32-37 of Creative Living Magazine, where I was dubbed “The Face of Determination to Change the World”.

Why  Partner With Me?

Do you want to be the hero? The person who gets to fulfill on everyone’s expectations, and leaves them impressed and without words? When you partner with me, you are allowing me to offer an experience for you and your guests, colleagues and friends that will leave everyone speechless.

What do you say?

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